Integrated Media Campaigns

We know that often radio, TV, billboards and other forms of advertising are important for establishing your brand to the masses.  We can work closely with your media partners to provide trackable web-based campaigns that tie into your offline media strategies.

By adding tracking elements to advertising, we can establish and track how well those mediums are working for you.  Everything from a simple landing page to a custom website domain will help you run those special campaigns and track each individually.

Landing Pages

Things like banner ads on TV station websites are things you should be tracking on your end.  By setting up specific landing pages for each medium, you can track exactly how many visitors that medium is referring to your website. 

Maybe you want to run a short promotion and want to track that traffic seperate from normal traffic - a landing page or website is the answer.

Social Media

We know everyone lives online.  By combining social media with radio or TV, you can extend your message to reach customers you may not reach otherwise.

TV & Radio Commercials

You have paid to produce your ads.  Use them year-round by integrating those into your website, social media, Youtube, etc.  These can also be repurposed for other online efforts and stretch your marketing dollars further.

Don't shoot in the dark.  Track your marketing dollars more effectively.


Tell Us What You Need To Track

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