Web Marketing Is A Journey

Web Marketing is a broad category of the many different ways to market and brand a business online.  Also called Inbound Marketing, business owners everywhere embrace it alongside traditional methods of marketing and advertising because of costs and trackable results.

There are many methods of online marketing that involve investment of time and money to build your brand value over time.  There are also pay-to-play methods that realize quicker short-term results.  A hybrid approach to online marketing is usually the best method depending on your market and budget.  This section outlines each of those approaches to building your business by reaching customers who live in the online world - which is almost everyone.

The Marketing Journey Begins Before We Set Sail:

Digital marketing is essential for business today to reach your customers.  Mapping out a complete strategy is crucial.  Let's take a look at the basic steps:

  • Set The Destination - Where are we headed?  What is it you are trying to grow?  More customers, repeat business, or just get ahead of the competition?  In other words: where to we want to end up?
  • Steer The Ship - We have to get in front of the eyes of our customers to let them know we can help.  We do this through website optimization, social media, and sometimes paid online advertising.  We need to guide the customers to us.
  • Map A Customer's Journey - How do we get a potential customer's attention and let them know we have the product or service they want?  We have to lead them to our website and show them the solution.
  • Call To Action - We need to decide what we want the customer to do next.  Sign up for a newsletter?  Schedule an appointment?
  • Exceed Their Expectations - Once we get a customer to react and complete a Call To Action, how they are handled next is critical.  Have you provided the staff with tools and training to handle the business when it comes?





We don’t want just any traffic to our site, we want the right traffic.

We want the people who are most likely to become leads, and, ultimately, happy customers.


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